Admissions Process

STEP 1: Apply for Admission

1. Complete an Application for Admission (providing all requested information)
2. Pay the $50 non-refundable application fee

Applicants will be notified in writing of their admission to the College. The letter will also provide additional requirements necessary to gain acceptance into their selected program.

STEP 2: Apply for Acceptance into a PROGRAM

Priority Acceptance:
Students admitted to the College are given priority for acceptance into their selected program by submitting ACT –OR– Compass Test scores by February 1st.

Students are placed into programs based on their test scores and space available. Compass Tests are available free of charge at either of NCK Tech’s campuses.

If space is available, applications will be considered after February 1st.


Submit Test Scores & Visit by December 1st

*Qualified EARLY Acceptance:
Students can be accepted into their selected program early by submitting their ACT or Compass Test scores. Those with qualifying test scores submitted by December 1st will be immediately accepted into their program until the capacity is met.

Qualifying test scores for all programs, except Nursing, are:  A minimum of 18 composite score on the ACT –OR–  A minimum of 65 on the Reading –AND– 31 on the Pre-Algebra section of the Compass Test

Students without qualifying test scores may still be eligible for EARLY Acceptance if they visit the program and meet with the instructor by December 1st.